Film- Proyecto

16 04 2015




_____ Two articles in Spanish: one about the film, one about the actors/director. Read the articles, post the link on your blog. Then 5 things you learned about the actor or director that caught your attention and 5 about the film.


_____Create a short video that summarizes the plot of the movie. Think as if you are telling the movie to someone who could not watch it and they want you to tell them the whole thing. Make it in such a way as if it was a video message for a friend.


_____ Choose two to three characters and/or plots; make 10 changes to the movie including a new ending and make a Photostory telling this new ending. The goal is for you to use the conditional and past subjunctive. You may want to start with a sentence stating “si esta fuera mi película, Valentín no trabajaría como extra, sino que él trabajaría como un ejecutivo de una compañía de coches

_____ Write an entry in your blog called 6 ACCIONES INTERESANTES DE LA PELICULA. Write in Spanish a list of 6 things that you found interesting in the movie using 6 present phrases (ej. Valentin tiene miedo de saltar a la piscina ).


_____ Find a movie trailer about another movie from the same director or main actor (in English or Spanish) OR the main song of the movie. Copy and paste the link for the video in your blog. Write three to four sentences in Spanish about how they are connected.


_____ Go to the blog of a classmate and find the entry called 6 ACCIONES INTERESANTES DE LA PELICULA. Click on “leave comment”, and write the 6 phrases on the list into sentences in Spanish using the preterit/imperfect. For example if you visit Maria’s blog and the list says “Valentin tiene miedo de saltar en la piscina” you will leave a sentence that reads “Valentin tenía miedo en la piscina en este verano”. You cannot do this if someone else has already done the sentences.

_____Complete it by Thursday,May 1st.






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