Proyecto Artistas

5 05 2015
ART Project



_____ Choose an Artist from Latin America or Spain from the list (Google Doc) and do a research online about the life and work of the artist. In your research you will focus on four elements:

1.     Relevant personal life events of the artist.

2.     Time period and type of art the artists was influenced by.

3.     Relevant events in the country of the artist and in the US/world in that period.

4.     Masterpieces and where they are located today.

_____Post the websites that you visited to find the four elements of preparation.

_____Post in your blog six masterpieces painted by this artist.


_____ Using the information and notes from ”Preparation” make a voice presentation   (in photo story, iMovie, VoiceThreat, etc) to present the artist in Spanish.


_____ Choose one of the masterpieces of the painter and make a three paragraph description:

1.     Name of the painting and what you see

2.     What research says about the painting

3.     Why did you choose it and how is this connected to your life.



_____ Find ONE painting from an American artist (from the USA) that lived in the same time period of your Hispanic artist, and post the photo of the artist, name, and three paintings.


_____ _____ Write an entry in Spanish in your blog about how art makes you feel, why is it important to create art, what art have you created, and how learning about the Hispanic artist impacted your life. (6-8 sentences minimum)

_____Complete it by Friday, May 15th  






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