El Condicional – proyecto

4 02 2016
THE CONDITIONAL – project checklist  


_____Find a two websites that explains easily the “conditional” (one of them must be a video) and three images (Pinterest, etc. that show examples of the topic including irregulars.


_____Create a short video that explains the “condicional”. Include your own explanation, and at least 5 examples. When do we use it, how do you form it in Spanish? What does it translate in English? Exceptions to the rule?


_____ Make digital photostory with the title “si yo/mi amigo/mi madre fuera… Express your wishes using mi padre/mi madre/ mi mejor amigo/ mi hermano /your choice person, and make 5 sentences about three of these people. (15 sentences total) using a variety of verbs.


_____ Find ONE song that has examples of the conditional on YouTube and Google. Copy and paste the links for the video and the lyrics.


_____ Go the blog of a classmate and find the photostory. Click on “leave comment”, chose one infinitive verb from that list and write two sentences  using the conditional to react to that statement or to  make a polite request: For example, if you visit a blog and  says “si mi amigo fuera a China visitaría Shangai” you will leave a sentence that reads “Podrías traerme unos dulces?”. You will leave 1 sentence to 5 different classmates. You cannot repeat a sentence.





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